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Hey Everyone, 

Thanks for checking out the link to read abit of my story. 

We all know it's that life cannot be great all the time. Our experiences and intensity of them will vary but I have always felt it helpful when somebody actually knows how you are feeling even though experiences may be a little different. Somebody understands that you have been trying to carry on for so long and you aren't sure if you can do it any longer, somebody who knows those feelings of being so overwhelmed, so anxious and so broken that it hurts so deeply. 

For me, life has had some very difficult challenges and losses.  The challenges.....staring down the barrel of a gun during an armed robbery, bullying, abusive relationships, financial struggles, panic disorder, excessive weight. The dearest and best friend, my mother at age 23, my sister who now suffers the lifelong consequences of a stroke, those relationships where you truly believed you were loved and loss of immediate family members. But, there were also other important losses along the way which I failed to notice.......a loss of confidence, a loss of self worth and loss of who I really was anymore.

However, I had started going back to church in 2007 when I had become very ill with panic disorder after a very mentally and sometimes physically abusive relationship. I was at the point of my life where it felt that this last hope. It was here that things began to change for me.....not all at once, not overnight, not over the next few years but gradually and if I am totally honest with you.....things are still changing in my life. You see, that's how Jesus works in your isn't like a magic wand that makes things all better all at once, but instead it is a gradual change.... and often it is the changes that are taking place in your own heart.

You will know that it takes time to overcome tragedy...loss...pain...suffering...hurt...brokenness...abuse...bullying...etc. BUT all of these things that so often set us back, are NOT the end of our story. It may feel like the end, but when we allow our hearts to be healed gradually by the love of Jesus Christ, we can overcome anything. 

With the suicide rate increasing every year in the UK but also facing times when I too have found myself in a very dark place and have too considered the options of ending my life. I feel that it is time to act, it is time to reach out to others who may be thinking about the same stuff, and to try and reassure you all that your life matters. 

I know it may not feel like that right now, I know that the stress and anxiety may be feeling unbearable but I also know that things can get easier and better again but it does mean waiting out the storm which is not easy.

That is why I put together the What If You Waited - Suicide Prevention Project because experiencing this stuff myself, I wanted others to know that they are not alone, that you can overcome what you are feeling and facing right now and that it doesn't have to be the end of the story but instead the start of a new and/or different chapter for your life. 

If you do not yet know the love of Christ in your life, then all you need to do is speak to Him, tell Him all the stuff you are feeling, ask for His help and trust that He can bring change to your life.  Like I said it does take time for things to change but they will. 

Know that I will be praying for you, the person reading this who is struggling right now because your life matters to me and to Jesus

If you need help please go to your doctor and seek help. If you need help connecting with a local church, email me on the contacts page and I will try my best to connect you with one. 

Please be aware that I am not a qualified professional that can offer advice but simply one who wants to see lives changed where suicide no longer feels like the only option. 

If you would like to leave your story of how things have changed in your life through this project then please to to our contacts page - it would be great to hear your story


Keep clicking back to this page as the projects expands with more information and links to the help you may need right now

God bless you all


Rev. Kelly Wellman

Church of the Redeemer
Birmingham, UK

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